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What Clients Say

“We built a new Shopify store using the Platter Bundle in under 60 days and saw a 45% increase in conversion rate within 30 days of launch.”

Timothy Paskowski
VP of Growth, Kaged

“Platter was a game changer for Doughp. In an ever-evolving world like DTC, time is money. Working with Platter saved us time by launching quickly, and now every day with reduced developer support needs.

Our last website development took more than 6 months to complete. With Platter we were up and running in 1/3 the time. And now, thanks to how easy the customizer has become for me and my team, our need for developer support has diminished significantly.”

Kelsey Moreira
Founder, Doughp

“When I first heard Platter’s pricing, I couldn’t believe it. The alternative quote we received from another vendor was six figures with a 6-month timeline. With Platter, we were able to build an incredible store in a fraction of the time and cost without sacrificing quality. The offering is truly disruptive.”

Katie Hunt
Co-Founder & CEO of Oh, Norman!

“We switched to Platter because it streamlined our day-to-day operations on Shopify.

We found it to be more intuitive than our previous theme, and reduced OpEx combined with quarterly feature drops has made joining the Platter community a clear win for us.”

Claudio Conte
Owner & CEO, Bullstrap

You have been my nominee for Employee of the Week for the past 36 weeks. Thank you

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Kieran if Platter site development was an olympic sport, you my friend would be a gold medalist.

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“The Platter team has made a dramatic improvement to our Shopify store, brand and marketing strategy. Since launching Platter we’ve nearly doubled our conversion rates and improved our average order value (AOV) 19%. In addition, we’ve reduced spend on apps now unnecessary due to the many features available within Platter.

We’re excited about the new features on the roadmap and strongly recommend Platter to any ecomm brand looking to improve functionality.”

Shelby Noakes
CMO and Co-Founder of Pillow-Fight

You guys have been so helpful, responsive and nice. It’s hard to find people like that these days.

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You guys are awesome. It’s like you read my mind on what I need. lol

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“Switching to Platter on Shopify has been a game-changer for Sonix. Not only were we able to consolidate multiple apps saving over $800 per month, but our new site is better optimized for conversion, resulting in increased sales and customer engagement.

Platter’s e-commerce platform gives us the customizability we need to keep our online store cutting edge. Were thrilled we made the move to Platter!”

Ryan Wilson
Agency Partner, Sonix

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