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How TileCloud improved page speed and reduced app stack with Platter

TileCloud is an online-first tile brand helping people build the home of their dreams. They also offer inspiring and educational content, first-rate customer service, expert design support, and a refreshingly simple product range. They were looking to improve site speed and overall user experience on their Shopify store, so they chose Platter.

9x increase in page speed performance score, from 9 to 81
Streamlined purchase flow
Improved mobile user experience
Shopify Plus
Home Improvement

The Problem

Prior to adopting Platter, TileCloud used a customized version of Shopify's Dawn theme. Although their custom theme achieved a stylish storefront, the TileCloud team encountered issues with conversion rate, ongoing site maintenance, and page speed. The issues became particularly apparent during high traffic times like Black Friday.

Why Platter

The decision to switch to Platter was prompted by the need for a faster website and an optimized mobile experience. Here's why TileCloud chose Platter:

#1 Increase site speed

Platter's Smart Theme is fast out-of-the-box, but TileCloud wanted to put a specific emphasis on page speed. The Platter team optimized script loads on TileCloud's storefront and achieved a 9x page speed improvement over their previous implementation of Dawn.

#2 Optimize user experience for mobile devices

TileCloud's previous site was difficult to navigate on mobile devices. Platter redesigned the site with the mobile user in mind.

#3 Remain cutting-edge over time

TileCloud was intrigued by Platter's constantly evolving value proposition, since we release new features on an ongoing basis at no additional charge.


TileCloud found Platter's pre-built functionalities impressive, allowing them to reduce reliance on third-party apps. Platter also specifically implemented a custom cart experience, which guides prospective customers through the "Get a Sample" process when needed. TileCloud had previously used a few different apps to achieve a less-than-optimal sampling experience.

The TileCloud team described the Platter onboarding process as "slick," and highlighted the Platter team as exceptional communicators—"among the best TileCloud has worked with" in the realm of software solutions.


The switch to Smart Theme positively impacted TileCloud's key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as eased day-to-day maintenance. They saw significant improvements in page speed as well as increased satisfaction in their store's overall user experience, especially on mobile.

Prior to Smart Theme, the store carried a performance score of ~9 as recorded by Shopify. Today the Smart Theme storefront is approximately 9x faster, at an 81.

TileCloud's Performance Score: February 12, 2024

TileCloud's adoption of Platter has not only solved prior challenges, but has also helped position the brand for future growth. TileCloud's co-founder, Drew, sums things up best in his LinkedIn comment below.

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