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How Sonix increased AOV 11% and saved $10K+ in annual app expenses with Platter

Sonix offers a variety of stylish and customizable phone cases, designed to provide both protection and aesthetic appeal for various smartphone models. 

Before switching to Platter, Sonix was using an off-the-shelf theme and 20+ apps.

11% increase in average order value over 2 years
$10K+ in annual app expenses saved
Improved core web vitals
Shopify Plus
Apple Accessories

The Challenge

Sonix was using an out-of-the-box theme with minimal customizations. They were looking to partner with a team who could improve their mobile experience out of the gate, and additionally provide incremental updates over time.

Choosing Platter

Sonix chose Platter over a more traditional (and more expensive) agency build. They were attracted to the fact that Platter would be able to improve their mobile experience and replace a number of apps in one fell swoop. They were additionally intrigued by Platter's constantly evolving feature suite. Sonix published Smart Theme in October of 2022, but seamlessly integrated additional Platter features as recently as February of 2024.

Consolidating Apps and Reducing Expenses

With the initial implementation of Platter in 2022, Sonix was able to remove 8 apps and save an aggregate of ~$9,750 in annual app expenses. Their app savings have only since grown with the introduction of Platter+ (Platter's Shopify app) in 2024.

Increasing Average Order Value

Sonix published Smart Theme in late October 2022 and has seen an 11% increase in average order value since then. They achieved this increase despite Platter replacing multiple apps that they were already using to increase their average order value.

The below screenshot compares Sonix's average order value over a ~3 year time horizon; 15 months on Platter compared to the same 15 months on a legacy tech stack in prior years.

Sonix's Average Order Value: October 31st, 2022 through February 1st, 2024 compared to the same time period in 2020 through 2022.

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