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How Neuro Finally Gained Control of Their Shopify Storefront

Neuro is a wellness company that produces functional gum and mints designed to enhance energy, focus, and overall cognitive performance. Their products are formulated with natural ingredients like caffeine, L-theanine, and various vitamins to support mental clarity and physical vitality. Neuro’s mission is to provide convenient, effective solutions for busy individuals seeking to optimize their daily performance. The team was looking for a solution to reduce storefront management costs and complexities, as well as boost core performance KPIs.

Improved site customization and control
Reduced reliance on 3rd party apps and developers
Over $27,000+ in maintenance fees saved
Neuro Gum & Mints
Shopify Plus

The Problem

Technical Integration Issues.

Frequent app and integration failures, including issues with conversion APIs and platform updates, disrupted Neuro’s operations.

High Dependency on Developers.

Managing and updating their storefront required constant developer involvement, leading to increased costs and inefficiencies.

Why Platter

Streamlined Tech Stack.

Platter’s theme and app bundle allowed Neuro to eliminate multiple 3rd party apps by moving to a comprehensive solution.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility.

With Platter, Neuro gained the ability to easily create and manage custom pages and site features without heavy reliance on developers.

Reliable Support and Implementation.

Platter’s team offered thoughtful implementation and continuous support, ensuring reliable solutions and building trust with Neuro’s team.


By partnering with Platter, Neuro achieved substantial cost savings and operational improvements. They eliminated several apps, saving a few hundred dollars per month, and removed the need for developer retainers, which amounted to $2,000+ monthly. The brand's annualized annual savings are estimated to be over $27,000. Additionally, Platter empowered Neuro's non-technical team to control and customize the storefront's pages, enhancing efficiency and flexibility. The partnership with Platter was marked by stellar customer service and a trustworthy, amicable collaboration, leading to a more streamlined and effective ecommerce storefront.

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