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How Platter helped Kaged increase conversion rate by 45%+ and reduce 3rd party app reliance

Kaged, a prominent supplements brand, offers a diverse range of sports nutrition products designed to enhance athletic performance and fitness goals. From pre-workout supplements to protein powders and amino acids, Kaged caters to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

45.27% Surge in Conversion Rate
Reduced 3rd Party Shopify App Reliance
Increased Customer Satisfaction
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“Game-changing for us. The fact that we got this done in less than two months is phenomenal.”

Timothy Paskowski
VP of Growth, Kaged

“Game-changing for us. The fact that we got this done in less than two months is phenomenal.”

Timothy Paskowski
VP of Growth, Kaged

The Challenge

Before embracing Platter, Kaged had built their online store using an off-the-shelf theme. Over the past five years, they relied on a mix of in-house and contracted developers to customize features due to limitations with the out-of-the-box solution. It became evident that their store's foundation was a patchwork of code, resulting in inefficiencies and complications.

Choosing Platter

When Kaged decided to align their storefront with their revised business objectives, they had two options: Platter or a bespoke agency implementation costing six figures. They opted for Platter for several compelling reasons:

Faster, Cost-Efficient, and Seamless Transition

Platter delivered the new site in under 60 days, saving Kaged both time and a substantial amount of money when compared to alternative solutions that proposed timelines of 12-18 months and six-figure quotes.

Streamlined Tech Stack for Scalability

Kaged removed 10 Shopify apps during migration, thanks to the native functionalities provided by Platter. This transition also enabled non-technical team members to easily make changes via the user-friendly editor due to built-in sections and settings.

Unified Teams

Kaged no longer needed to source separate components for their store, such as design and development, as Platter offered an all-in-one solution.

“Game-changing for us. The fact that we got this done in less than two months is phenomenal.”

Timothy Paskowski
VP of Growth, Kaged

The Results

Kaged's dissatisfaction with their previous solution drove them to explore alternatives, ultimately leading them to Platter. The platform's enhanced control, customization options, and the ability to independently manage every aspect of the site made it an attractive choice. While other platforms and agencies were considered, Kaged chose Platter to maintain control over their website.

45.27% Surge in Conversion Rate

Kaged launched their Platter-optimized Shopify store in September of 2023 and saw an immediate jump in conversion rate. The Platter team does not have direct access to Kaged's analytics, but the Kaged team was kind enough to share the below screenshot with us. It compares September of 2023 (with Platter) to September of 2022 (prior to Platter).

Kaged has reported that their conversion rate has continued to be exceptionally strong, including a greater than 13% conversion rate over Black Friday 2023.

Time to Deployment

As an 8-figure brand, Kaged was concerned with how long the migration process would take with a custom build, but Platter was able to deliver the new store in under 60 days.

Reduced Third-Party Reliance

Kaged streamlined their operations by eliminating 10 apps from their storefront. The user-friendly editor empowered non-technical team members to swiftly implement changes without relying on developers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Kaged conducted a customer survey following the new site's launch which revealed that over 89% of respondents preferred the new website to the old one.

In just a matter of weeks, the Platter team delivered a cutting-edge storefront that not only reduced the number of apps but also optimized conversion rates, promising a brighter online future for Kaged.

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