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How Big Blanket Saved $500,000+ Moving From Headless to Platter

Big Blanket does exactly what the name suggests - sell ultra-comfortable blankets that are bigger than your average blanket (try 10 feet x 10 feet!). All of Big Blanket’s products are made from their best-selling proprietary fabric that won’t lose shape or color, pill, or wrinkle. After an expensive experience using headless commerce, they were looking for a partner to help build a high-performing native Shopify store with more flexibility and lower development costs.

$500,000+ saved in annual developer costs
Launched new storefront in 16 business days
Increased flexibility & ease of use

Big Blanket
Shopify Plus

The Problem

Before adopting Platter, Big Blanket faced challenges managing their Shopify store due to inflexibility of their headless commerce platform. They needed a solution that they could update and maintain without engaging a team of developers.

Lack of Control

Before Platter, every change required communication with their headless developers, resulting in long delays.

High Costs

Their headless solution required over $40,000 in monthly development costs for upkeep and incremental improvements.

Tons of Fluff

Proposals from agencies and service providers had inflated costs and timelines that the Big Blanket team could see right through.



The Platter theme and app bundle empowers non-technical team members to make changes and customize their store without needing to write code.

Speed to Launch

Changes that previously took weeks could be done quickly.

Cost Savings

Platter’s product costs significantly less than a headless commerce solution while maintaining high performance.


When Big Blanket decided to move off of headless to support their business and profitability targets, they evaluated a number of solutions and ultimately decided to move forward with Platter. The brand dove head first into becoming experts in Platter’s Smart Theme, and were able to rebuild their storefront in 16 business days. Moving off of the headless solution will save them upwards of $500,000 in developer fees in 2024.

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